Job Opportunities in Australia for Foreign Emergency Medicine Specialists

Australia offers numerous exciting job opportunities for foreign Overseas Qualified Emergency Medicine Specialists, particularly in rural and regional areas where there is a higher demand for medical professionals.


Emergency Medicine Specialist Positions are available in hospitals and health services across Australia. For example, the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service offers positions for Emergency Medicine Specialists with competitive salaries ranging from AUD $224,206 to AUD $298,810 per year plus Superannuation and relocation.


To work in Australia as a foreign qualified Emergency Medicine Specialist you must register with the Medical Board of Australia. This process is an assessment by the Australian Medical Council and may include additional training, examinations or skills assessments.


Medical Migration specialize in the recruitment and placement of Internationally Qualified Emergency Medicine Specialists. We assist the Australian Healthcare Sector fill crucial roles in the Public & Private Healthcare Industry and assist with Licensing and Registration with the Medical Board of Australia.


Emergency Medicine Specialists looking to work in Australia will find many opportunities for career progression, better salary and an improved work life balance. Australia is a wonderful place to raise a family and Education standards are World Class. If you are an overseas qualified Emergency Medicine Specialist get in touch with us today.


In 2024 the Australian Government revolutionized the Australian Employer Sponsored Visa with the introduction of the the new Skills in Demand (SID) Visa. Emergency Medicine Specialists are on the Core Skills Occupation List and eligible for this new visa class. 


There is no age limit for the Skills in Demand Visa for Emergency Medicine Specialists, it has a clear path to Permanent Residence and lasts for four years. Medical Migration™ lobbied for the introduction of this Visa class on behalf of the Australian Healthcare Sector.

Skills in Demand Visa for Emergency Medicine Specialists


  • No age limit
  • Lasts for four years
  • You and your family can live and work in Australia
  • Less than 4 weeks processing time
  • Opportunities for Emergency Medicine Specialists in every Australian State
  • 180 days to find a new Sponsor if you change jobs
  • Hundreds of Emergency Medicine Specialist Jobs in Australia
  • Registration as a Emergency Medicine Specialist required with the Medical Board of Australia
  • English Test required if your Emergency Medicine Specialist Qualifications not taught in English

Job Opportunities for Emergency Medicine Specialists in Australia


To be eligible for an Employer Sponsored Visa as Emergency Medicine Specialist you must: