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Work in Australia as a Vascular Surgeon


There is no age limit or points score requirement to work in Australia as a Vascular Surgeon. Due to a shortage of qualified Vascular Surgeons in Australia, the role is on the Core Skills in Demand List. This means Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeons are able to live and work in Australia with the new Skills in Demand (SID) Visa.


If you are a Vascular Surgeon seriously considering working in Australia then Medical Migration would love to hear from you. We work exclusively with ‘job ready’ Medical Professionals and approved Employers throughout Australia with active hiring opportunities for Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeons.

Skills in Demand Visa for Vascular Surgeons


  • Live and work in Australia
  • Includes immediate family members
  • There is no age limit to get a Visa
  • No minimum Immigration points score
  • Four year work visa
  • Clear pathway to Permanent Residence
  • Change employers with 180 days grace period
  • Visas processed in less than 4 weeks

Criteria to apply for Vascular Surgeon Jobs in Australia


While there are hundreds of vacancies for Vascular Surgeons in Australia, to be seriously considered for Employer Sponsored Vascular Surgeon jobs in Australia these are the steps you are required to take:


  • Primary Source Verification through ECFMG/EPIC
  • Submit qualifications for assessment by RACP
  • Apply for medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • Pass AMC exams (if required).
  • Obtain a job offer from an Australian employer
  • Apply for a Skills in Demand Visa
  • Complete required supervision and training
  • Achieve general or specialist registration
  • Engage in continuous professional development


Primary Source Verification


Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the process of verifying the authenticity of your qualifications as a Vascular Surgeon.


This verification comes directly from the original source (e.g., Universities and Medical Schools). This ensures that a Vascular Surgeon qualifications are genuine and meet the Australian standards.


Submit qualifications for assessment by


Medical Registration in Australia as an Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeon


All Vascular Surgeon applicants are required to already hold registration by the Medical Board of Australia. The type of registration (limited, provisional or general) depends on your qualifications and experience.


Regardless of what registration is awarded you are eligible for employer sponsored visas at the equivalent level.


Vascular Surgeons are classed as an ‘area of need’ in Australia. This means you are able to get registered with the Medical Board of Australia in less than 6 weeks.


Obtain a Job Offer as a Vascular Surgeon in Australia


Medical Migration™ is the go to International Recruiter for Vascular Surgeons employers in the Australian Healthcare Industry.


As part of the Migration Consultant LLC network, our position within International Mobility is unrivaled.

Skills in Demand (Employer Sponsored Visas) for Vascular Surgeons


We work exclusively with approved Healthcare sponsors throughout Australia to capitalize on the new Skills in Demand Visas in Australia for Vascular Surgeons


This revolutionary new visa class makes it far easier for Australia employers to hire qualified foreign Vascular Surgeons, with a clear pathway to Permanent Residency. 


The Skills in Demand Visa lasts for an initial four years, benefits from processing time of less than 4 weeks, it also grants you 180 days to find a new employer should you choose to switch roles. There is no age limit for the new Skills in Demand Visas.


Medical Migration™ are not Australia Visa Agents. Any Visa processing is done by our parent Company, Migration Consultant LLC or in most instances, the employer.


Our candidates do not have to pay for their visa processing services and it is illegal in Australia to have a new hire pay their own Visa fees.


Working with Medical Migration™


Medical Migration™ are specialist Vascular Surgeon recruiters for the Australian Healthcare Industry.


We represent Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeons and our team of 20+ recruiters deliver a full suite of recruitment services and enterprise talent solutions to the Australian Healthcare Sector.


We represent Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeons and act in our capacity as International recruiter.


You Must be Registered with the Medical Board of Australia as a Vascular Surgeon to be our client


We receive thousands of speculative Vascular Surgeon job inquiries each week from all over the World. Many of these applicants are suitable, although they do not hold registration with the Medical Board of Australia.


As an Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeon you will not progress to interview stage without this registration.


There are two ways of getting registered


  • Use our Medical Board of Registration Service


  • Complete the MBA process yourself

What is the Cost?

Medical Migration can take responsibility for your entire Medical Board Registration as a Vascular Surgeon.  You are assigned a dedicated account manager to work with you through the process, making your registration smooth and hassle free. Our fully managed end-to-end MBA registration service costs just USD $995.

Do you work with Vascular Surgeon Canditates from all over the World?

Medical Migration™ currently works with Internationally Qualified Vascular Surgeons from the following Countries:


  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

What Visa will I get?

As a foreign qualified Vascular Surgeon you are eligible for the Skills in Demand Visa (SID) provided you secure a formal job offer.


The Skills in Demand Visa has a clear path to Permanent Residence.


As a qualified Vascular Surgeon you may be eligible for other Australia Visas such as the subclass 189 190 and 491. However, these Visas can take up to two years to process and the total cost for a family can run into many multiple $000's

Am I tied exclusively to Medical Migration™

Once you have your Medical Board of Australia Registration as a Vascular Surgeon we will work to place you ASAP. However, you can still apply for Vascular Surgeon jobs on your own or through the usual sources.


You are not tied to us, yet we make our margin from the Healthcare Employers so we work hard to find your dream job in Australia.

Do I have to pay any Visa Fees?

It is illegal for an Australian Employer to charge you to process an Employer Sponsored Visa.

Are you MARA Registered?

We are not Visa Agents. We are a recruitment specialist that places overseas qualified Medical Professionals with jobs in Australia.

What is the Skills in Demand visa for Vascular Surgeons?

The Specialist Skills Pathway is designed for Vascular Surgeons with guaranteed annual earnings of at least $135,000 AUD. This pathway offers priority processing within 7 days.


The Core Skills Pathway requires guaranteed annual earnings of at least $70,000 AUD and takes up to 21 days. It is unlikely that a Vascular Surgeon will be on the Core Skills Pathway.

Do I need to take an English Test to work in Australia as a Vascular Surgeon

If your Tertiary qualifications were taught exclusively in English there is no need for a Vascular Surgeon to sit an IELTS English test to work in Australia.

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