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Work in Australia as a Midwife with Visa Sponsorship


There is no age limit or points score requirement to work in Australia as a Midwife. Due to a shortage of qualified Midwives in, the role is on the new Core Skills in Demand List.


This means Internationally Qualified Midwives can live and work in Australia with the new Skills in Demand (SID) Visa with a clear pathway to Permanent Residence. This new Employer Sponsored Visa replaced the old TSS Visa and makes it much easier for employers to hire Midwives.


If you are a Midwife seriously considering working in Australia then Medical Migration™ would love to hear from you. We work exclusively with ‘job ready’ Midwives and approved Employers throughout Australia actively hiring Internationally Qualified Midwives.

Skills in Demand Visa for Midwives


  • Live and work in Australia
  • Includes immediate family members
  • No age limit to get a Visa
  • No minimum Immigration points score
  • Four year work visa renewable once
  • Clear pathway to Permanent Residence
  • Change employers with 180 days grace period
  • No English test required
  • Visas processed in less than 4 weeks
  • ANMAC Skills Assessment not required

Criteria to apply for Midwife Jobs in Australia


While there are thousands of vacancies for Midwives in Australia, to be seriously considered for Employer Sponsored Visas these are the steps you are required to take:


  • Get Licensed by AHPRA as an Overseas Qualified Nurse
  • Obtain a job offer from an Australian healthcare employer
  • Apply for a Skills in Demand Visa
  • Engage in continuous professional development


How to register with AHPRA as an Overseas Qualified Midwives


To get an Employer Sponsored Midwife job in Australia, overseas nurses must register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).


Without your AHPRA Registration Medical Migration™ cannot present you to suitable employers. As you can imagine, Australian Midwifery employers receive hundreds of speculative applications from all over the World. Literally all the time!


Getting your AHPRA registration in place before approaching Midwifery employers achieves the following:


  • Shows you are ‘Job Ready’
  • Demonstrates your commitment to actually moving to Australia
  • You are able to start work immediately
  • Shows you have passed background checks
  • Ensures AHPRA has confirmed you to be a Qualified Midwife


Even though you are a qualified Midwife in your home country, Australian employers have no way of verifying this, so are unlikely to offer you an interview (or even reply to your application) without you being Licensed by AHPRA.


As a dedicated recruitment agency for Internationally Qualified Midwives, Medical Migration™ can do your AHPRA Registration for you, saving you time and giving you the reassurance of doing it correctly. Learn More


After your AHPRA registration we will work to place you. Our Recruitment Service is available to all Midwives that have their AHPRA registration, regardless of whether you used our Registration Services.


Step-by-step guide to your AHPRA Registration as an Overseas Qualified Midwife


Eligibility Check


Start by verifying your eligibility as Midwives through AHPRA’s self-check process. You’ll need to provide your personal details, degree name, and the institution where you studied. This process will place you into one of three streams (A, B, or C). If you are a Degree or Diploma Qualified a Midwife from the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA or New Zealand you will likely be placed into Stream A.




Complete the mandatory online orientation program designed to familiarize you with the Australian healthcare system. This is more of a general orientation rather than being Midwife specific and the program must be finished within 90 days and costs AUD $640 (which includes the AHPRA registration fee).


Complete AGSE-40 Form


This application for general registration as a a Midwife requires many documents, including identity proof, employment statements, proof of English proficiency, university transcripts and a resume. 


Certification of Documents


All required documents must be certified as true copies by a Notary or Solicitor. This includes your passport, driver’s license, and references.


Fit 2 Work Check


As part of the AHPRA registration process for an Overseas Qualified Midwife you will be required to provide a Fit2Work background check.


Confirmation of Registration


You will need to provide AHPRA with a Confirmation of Registration from the Nursing body in your home country. This must be sent directly from the Nursing Body in your home country to AHPRA in Australia and must confirm your status as a Midwife.


The Nursing bodies are:


  • United Kingdom: Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • United States: National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
  • Ireland: Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)
  • Canada: Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)
  • New Zealand: Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ)


Final Registration


Once approved you can start to apply for Midwifery jobs in Australia.


Apply for Jobs as a Midwife in Australia


Medical Migration™ is the go to International Recruiter for Midwifery employers in the Australian Healthcare Industry. We are not a general medical job board, we work personally with our clients to match them with suitable employers in Australia.


We only work with ‘Approved Employers’ of Midwives in Australia. Being an Approved Employer means they have already received approval from the Australian Government to employ Overseas Qualified Medical Staff.

Skills in Demand (Employer Sponsored Visas) for Midwives


We work exclusively with approved Healthcare sponsors throughout Australia to capitalize on the new Skills in Demand Visas in Australia for Midwives.


This new visa class makes it far easier for Australia employers to hire qualified foreign Midwives, with a clear pathway to Permanent Residency. 


The Skills in Demand Visa lasts for an initial four years, and is renewable once (making 8 years in total). The Visa benefits from processing time of less than 4 weeks, and it also grants you 180 days to find a new employer should you choose to switch roles. Unlike previous Employer Sponsored Visas, there is no age limit for the new Skills in Demand Visas.


Our Midwife candidates do not have to pay for their visa processing services and it is illegal in Australia to have a new hire pay their own Visa fees.


Working with Medical Migration™ as an Overseas Qualfied Midwife


Medical Migration™ is not a Visa Agency. We are specialist Midwifery recruiters for the Australian Healthcare Industry.


We represent Internationally Qualified Midwives and our team of 20+ recruiters deliver a full suite of recruitment services and enterprise talent solutions.


You Must be Registered with AHPRA to be one of our Candidates


We receive thousands of speculative Midwife job applications each week from all over the World. Many of these applicants are suitable, although they do not hold AHPRA registration.


As an Internationally Qualified Midwife you will not progress to interview stage without this registration.


There are two ways of getting registered


  • Use our ‘done-for-you’ AHPRA Registration Service


  • Complete the AHPRA process yourself


Remember, as a Midwife Recruitment Agency there is no cost to you to use our service, all we require is that you are Registered with AHPRA.


We receive all types of vacancies from our employers including specialist Midwifery roles and even those suitable for Nurses in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

What is the Cost of your AHPRA Registration Service?

Medical Migration™ can take responsibility for your entire AHPRA registration as a Midwife. You are assigned a dedicated account manager who will complete the process for you, making your registration smooth and hassle free. Our fully managed end-to-end AHPRA registration service for a Midwife costs between EUR 650 and EUR 995 depending on complexity.

Do you work with Midwife Canditates from all over the World?

Medical Migration™ currently works with Internationally Qualified Midwives from the following Countries:


  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

What Visa will I get?

As a foreign qualified Midwife you are eligible for the Skills in Demand Visa (SID) provided you secure a formal job offer.


The Skills in Demand Visa has a clear path to Permanent Residence, with no age limit.


As a qualified Midwife you may be eligible for other Australia Visas such as the subclass 189 190 and 491. However, because these Skilled Migration Visas have an age limit, require a Skills Assessment and a certain number of points, the process can take up to two years to process.


The total cost for a Skilled Migration application can run into many $000's with no guarantee of success. The maximum cost of a Skills in Demand Visa is simply the cost of your AHPRA registration.

Am I tied exclusively to Medical Migration™

Once you have your AHPRA Registration as a Midwife we will work to place you ASAP.


However, you can still apply for Midwife jobs on your own or through the usual sources. You are not tied to us and their are no fees to use our recruitment service.

Do I have to pay any Visa Fees?

It is illegal for an Australian Employer to charge you to process an Employer Sponsored Visa.

Are you MARA Registered?

  • We are not Visa Agents.
  • We do not process Visas
  • Your Employer is responsible for your Visa Fees
  • We work with your new employer and their agents


We are a recruitment specialist that matches overseas qualified Midwives with jobs in Australia. Any Visa fees will be paid for by your employer.

Whch Australian States do you operate in?

We actively recruit Midwives for employers in the following Australian States:


  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • Northern Territory

What is the Skills in Demand visa for Midwives?

The Specialist Skills Pathway is designed for Midwives with a job offer of at least $135,000 AUD. This pathway offers priority processing within 7 days.


The Core Skills Pathway requires guaranteed annual earnings of at least $70,000 AUD and takes up to 21 days.


The Essential Skills Pathway is targeted at essential workers with earnings under $70,000 AUD annually.

Do I need to take an English Test to work in Australia as a Midwife

If your Tertiary qualifications were taught exclusively in English there is no need for a Midwife to sit an IELTS English test to work in Australia or get registered with AHPRA.

What are the job prospects for a Midwife in Australia?

The job prospects for a Midwife in Australia are driven by an increasing demand for healthcare services throughout Australia.


The Midwifery profession is experiencing substantial growth in Australia. Employment for registered nurses is predicted to grow by 13.9% over the next three years. However, despite this growth, there is an expected shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025 and more than 120,000 by 2030​.


The average salary for nurses in Australia is currently AUD $87,623 per year, with entry-level positions starting at AUD $76,062 and more experienced nurses earning up to AUD $118,606 annually.


Midwife Professionals with postgraduate qualifications can expect even higher salaries, potentially around AUD $141,235 per year​.

Can you guarantee me a job in Australia as a Midwife?

Seriously? Please don't ask us this question. Anyone who promises or guarantees you a job is best avoided. As Professional Recruiters we present our Midwifery candidates in the best possible way.


We work hard to secure an interview with what we hope will be a great employer / employee match and always follow up and provide feedback.

As Midwife, which jobs in Australia pay the most?

In Australia, the demand for Midwives is high in several "areas of need," reflecting critical shortages that impact the delivery of healthcare services.


Rural and remote regions face challenges in attracting and retaining Midwifery professionals. These areas have limited access to specialized medical services, which means that healthcare concerns may be delayed or relocated to urban centers.


This creates a substantial gap in healthcare access for residents of these regions, emphasizing the urgent need for more Midwives to provide comprehensive care locally.


Indigenous health services also experience a pronounced need for Midwives. These communities face higher rates of health issues, although are often in isolated areas. These roles pay the best, and arguably help the greatest people in need.

Medical Jobs in Australia for Overseas Appicants